CCS Project: When You Are Seeking The Development Capacity To Get Your Projects Off-The-Ground

CCSProject is an extension of the Government Relations shop TheCCSGroup. 

Our team provides service expertise for our clients in both:

  • Government Relations and
  • Project Coordination. 

Our clients have come to rely on us to assist them with their capital and business strategy development projects.

Building capital projects since 2006

Project planning That Gets You Results

Project Coordination: Infrastructure Projects

Organizations need the capacity support to carry out and achieve their goals and vision, and use CCS Project for our class leading turn key solutions that take your project from an idea to a construction project.

Our roots are in Government Relations which allows our project co-ordination team to write proposals, identify funding sources, manage consultants, and lobby the Government.

Project Coordination

CCS Project uses the following approach to assist our clients with the completion of their infrastructure projects:

Internal Strategy/Business Development Projects

CCS Project has the expertise to assist your organization in identifying and addressing your internal strategy needs. This process involves:

"CCS are magicians!"

TheCCSGroup has assisted us developing the following projects:  Gas Station, Rink, and Elders Complex.  They are magicians at securing the money and getting projects completed.  We continue inserting them on many of our projects and are glad to have them as part of our team to get projects developed on our First Nation.

Chief Marcus Hardy
Chief Marcus Hardy

Red Rock First Nation

"They are miles ahead!"

Algoma University has worked with many consulting/government relations firms, and the CCS Group are miles ahead in customer service, responsiveness, and their ability to secure the desired outcomes.

Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson

Director of Strategic Advancement, Algoma University

"A no brainer!"

When the CEO of the First Nation asked me if the TheCCSGroup is worth the money being spent by the First Nation on their ongoing retainer, I responded – that based on what they bring in versus what we’re spending on them, it’s a no brainer…

Allan Farrell
Allan Farrell

Chippewas of the Thames (Deshkan Ziibiing)

Josh Albert, and Shwe Miikaan Miller Partnership
Josh Albert, and Shwe Miikaan Miller Partnership

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